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It is no secret that we still have so much work to do--as a county--to ensure that our curriculum can address the needs of every student in this county. From additions to diversity, I believe that we can start the conversation to push for a curriculum that works for all students.




  • Urge school administrations to place at least one homework free weekend annually

  • Work with the Curriculum Office to revise the curriculum to make sure it culturally reflects the student body.

  • Offer College Prep in schools as a credited course for high schoolers.

  • Work with Central Office to evaluate the former set-up of Drivers Ed courses in our schools and to work upon our results to reimplement a more improved and cost-effective class into the curriculum of 10th, 11th, and 12th graders.

  • Ensure that school counselors advertise the availability of quantitative literacy classes (life skills classes) to juniors and seniors within their schools.

  • Work within the Capital Improvements Plan and Central Office to push for the replacement of outdated and worn out textbooks/classroom material.