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Student Voice

Our student voice has the power to create change in our county when we work together. I plan to work with student-run organizations and clubs, as well as advertise student advocacy opportunities. I also plan to work hard to make sure that the student body is aware of what is happening in the county and how to get involved. In addition to visiting every middle and high school, keeping students in the loop through online communication such as the SMOB minute, monthly live Q&A sessions, and social media posts.


 Elevating the Student Voice 


  • Reserve testimony slots at every Board of Education meeting for student speakers

  • Ensure that all Board focus groups have a student representative

  • Collaborate with student leadership organizations

    • Minority Scholars Program

    • BlackCAP

    • MCR

    • MCJC


 The Student Advisory Council 


  • Establish a Student Advisory Council that reports directly to the Superintendent

  • Guarantee that the Council represents all students in MCPS

    • Allocate positions based on school populations

    • Bring in students from different interests and activities


 SMOB Advisory Council 


  • Ensure the Council is reflective of the student body and every school

  • Make sure all students are able to participate in SAC along with other extraculars

  • Bring in members of Central Office to have informative conversations with the council as well as inclusive feedback on meaningful issues


 In-Person Communication 


  • Make frequent visits to all middle and high schools throughout my tenure

  • Continue and increase the amount of Superintendent Town Halls

  • Collaborate with established student organizations at schools to discuss pressing matters.

  • Provide SMOB reports to SGAs


 Online Communication 


  • Host Monthly Instagram Live Q&A Sessions

  • Increase the effectiveness, amount, and languages presented of SMOB minute videos to give brief updates through all morning announcements.

  • Frequently update my website to ensure fast access to in-depth progress.

  • Remain easily contactable through:

    • Instagram

    • Snapchat

    • Twitter

    • Facebook Messenger

    • Website

    • Text

  • Create a tri-weekly podcast with community members, discussing Education Policy and implicit bias in the classrooms

  • Make sure that my online content always has Spanish subcaptions/translations