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Students should not have to worry about falling ceiling tiles and broken air conditioners throughout their school day.  We need to make sure that our schools are receiving their necessary renovations in an efficient manner--all while ensuring the physical safety of the student body.

 Fighting for a more diverse CIP 

  • Fight for a faster rebuilding and repair process for schools

  • Advocate before our County Council to grant more money to MoCo so that we would have room for additional projects

    • Create social media movements to show policy-makers how important this budget is to students

  • Reserve student slots for testimony at County Council hearings to ensure real experiences are heard by our policy-makers

  • Urge the addition of more turf fields

  • Expand access and awareness of career pathway programs and Edison High School

  • Urge the addition of more gender neutral bathrooms in schools

  • Prioritize water fountain and bathroom maintenance


 School Safety & Expanding Renovation Projects 

  • Work with local and state delegations to reduce the number of portables in schools and to expedite school renovations

  • Urge the expedition of guided accessways being built at ALL MCPS Schools

  • Urge school administrations to run lockdown & other drills more frequently


 Focusing on HVAC Systems 


  • Prioritize HVAC system replacements in the Capital Improvements Plan

  • Form a task force to ensure AC units are turned on at the appropriate time