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Mental Health

We need to fiercely expand our mental health resources, such as school psychologists, at all schools to ensure student wellbeing. Mental Health should be a larger priority for the Board of Education. We can improve student mental health through reforming the health curriculum, increasing awareness of mental health resources, and creating focus groups to study the effects of homework and testing--all to improve the mental and emotional wellbeing of our student body.


 Enriching our Health Curriculum 


  • Work with the Curriculum Office to direct more time in health class to mental health and depression.

  • Increase emphasis on the materials and resources accessible to students.

  • Cut out impractical information and replace it with real-life knowledge

  • Urge the passing of Affirmative Consent into the curriculum.


 Expanding support 


  • Urge school administration to begin academic and behavioral town hall meetings each quarter in classrooms which allow staff the opportunity to engage in small group discussions about safety and security.

  • Include funding for a recognition professional development program in the Operating Budget.

  • Increase the accessibility of counselors to students.

  • Advocate for the hiring of more counselors to alleviate constant accessibility problems.

  • Expand the availability and awareness of school psychologists.




  • Create focus groups and surveys to further study of the effects of testing and homework on students.

  • Advocate for teacher training of mental health recognition which would be important during sensitive topics during instruction.