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 Opportunity Gap 

It is becoming more apparent that the school a student attends affects their learning environment. We need to address the root of this problem to ensure that all students have the necessary tools to prepare them for college, career, and life.


 Closing the Opportunity Gap 


  • Expand the ACES & Minority Scholars Program to every high school and middle school

  • Urge schools administrations to make their student parking costs at a reduced or free price

  • Increase availability of information on magnet programs

    • Streamline the application process

  • Begin county-based, free workshops that help students along the college admissions journey

    • The college application process

    • How to write college essays

    • Other important learning skills

  • Work with the Curriculum Office to revise the curriculum to make sure it culturally reflects the student body.

  • Urge the Board of Ed and the Curriculum Office to add a Drivers Education course into the 10th and/or 11th grade curriculum--ensuring that students from all socioeconomic backgrounds have the opportunity to take part in this important course without paying hundreds as a normal driving school would.


 Expanding Pre-K 


  • Allocate county funds from the Operating Budget to expand the Head Start program

    • Increase the number of full-day Head Start facilities

    • Multiply the schools offering Head Start

    • Streamline the registration process for parents


 Providing Support 


  • Decrease class sizes in order to individualize education

  • Create school environments that reflect students' cultural diversity

    • Infuse cultural competency into the curriculum

    • Hire teachers from a variety of backgrounds and races