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We have to ensure that each student, regardless of what school they go to, has the same access to the most up-to-date technological resources. I plan to continue the fight for unblocking school Wi-Fi, expanding cell phone rights, and speeding up chromebook repair times.


 School WiFi 


  • Make important changes to the current WiFi systems

    • Double bandwidth and speeds for students

    • Fully unblock the school WiFi

    • Ensuring the system is secure and that no privacy infringement occurs

  • Expedite the system-wide computer upgrade to Windows 10.


 Cell Phone Rights 


  • Add a clause to the Students Rights and Responsibilities guide that provides the right for all high schoolers and middle schoolers to use their cell phones during lunch

    • Keep up with middle school principals to make sure this policy is not infringed

    • Continue expanding the Phones During Lunch task force to provide middle school SGA’s with the tools to talk to their administrations as well

  • Work with the Chief Technology Officer to implement a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy in every high school and middle school


 Maintaining Current Technology 


  • Urge the addition of more technology infrastructure, including security cameras, and their use.

  • Work with the Chief Technology Officer to allow personal account sign-ins on Chromebooks

  • Expedite the process of updating all worn out Promethean Boards countywide with the new touch-screen model.